2nd Day

So, I’m about 6 weeks, 3 days pregnant and am now all-too aware of what my body is doing at every moment. Thus far I feel ok and am feeling the typical symptoms described if you were to google pregnancy symptoms at 6 weeks. Bloating, gas, light cramping, light nausea if I eat anything, exhaustion and breast tenderness.

Thanks to the bloating and my increased breast size, I really need to go shopping today for a new bra and bella band so I can continue to wear my work clothes. 

Thankfully, Alex went shopping for me yesterday and bought prenatals. They are HUGE horse pills, but I finally got up the courage to take one last night. I made sure he was in the room when I took it, just in case I started choking on it.  Ha! It went down just fine. Now I feel silly for being so worked up about it.

My first doctor’s appointment is set for February 27th. Luckily, this is also a day off work for Alex, so he will be coming with me. YAY!!! Our baby’s first doctor’s visit.

I also talked to my parents last night. They went shopping yesterday and bought the baby it’s first gift. I don’t know what it is, but they sound very excited. 😀 We are going to dinner with them tomorrow to go over the garden plans for our new house.

It still feels surreal that there’s a little person growing inside of me. I’ve looked up 3-D images of what baby looks like at this stage! Baby’s placenta should have been just recently formed and it’s umbilical cord as well. Baby’s brain and other organs are forming as well. And baby’s arm and leg nubs are formng as well. Oh, and the heart should be beating as well! It’s just too soon to hear it yet. 🙂 I’m very excited to watch/feel baby progress.


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