Back from a successful shopping trip

Ok, so I just got back from a trip to Target, Macy’s and the grocery store.

I bought two bella bands. One white, one black. This will work well with quite a few outfits. Now I can wear my pants unbuttoned and will be much more comfortable.

I also bought a couple of new bras and found out that I’m now a 38DDD.  Holy cow!  Where did that come from? But I’m so happy to have bras that fit now. 🙂

At the grocery I picked up some good snack foods. Grapes and bananas and string cheese. Some granola cereal and yogurt for  breakfasts. Good stuff. 🙂 Now, if only my appetite would come back!

Daddy-to-be keeps talking to my belly. hehe!! Saying hi to baby and asking baby how it’s doing. 😀 Very cute.



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2 responses to “Back from a successful shopping trip

  1. Mom

    Good to know you have bras that fit! If you need more new ones- get nursing ones! YOu will need them for later, and I found they provide even more support than regular ones. Love you- j

  2. Mom

    oh my- can everyone read this?

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