House closing

Gosh, it’s coming up so fast!! Next Friday will be day 47 of construction as long as there are no more non-working days. Only a week to go!! We get to do another walk-through at that time, which will actually be right after our baby’s first doctor appointment!! YAY! This also means that I’ll be out of the office most of the morning, but that’s ok.

And as long as next Friday is day 47, our final punch list/escrow/etc appointments will be on the 6th! It’s all happening so fast now. 🙂 I got the list of utility providers from our sales manager today, so I’m going to call this weekend and get those all set up. Wo0t!

Today was a pretty rough day.  The cats started waking me up at 3:30am, which was lovely. Then they started wrestling and throwing each other down to the ground like they do when they play fight which resulted in a lot of thumping and meowing. *sigh* Needless to say, I only got about 4 1/2 hours of sleep last night. I sooo wanted to call in sick today, but figured I’d go in and try to get stuff done anyway. Doesn’t mean I was productive though. :/  And because of lack of productivity, I’m going to need to go in this weekend to finish up some other work that needs to be done by the beginning of the week. Ugg.  I can definitely feel a huge change in my energy levels. I don’t even feel like I have the energy to speak loudly.

For breakfast, I took a banana and a string cheese with me to work today. Was fine after the banana but the string cheese – whoa. So much for the lack of nausea yesterday. 😦 I felt SO sick this morning. It was awful.  I felt ok after lunch and now after dinner though, so I guess my pregnant self just doesn’t like string cheese much. Which is really too bad seeing as how I have an almost brand new package of it in the fridge with about 18 more sticks.

I also had DRB tonight. It went pretty well despite feeling a bit sick in the middle of it.  I think my body was telling me it was hungry because I’d only munched on a snack between work and when DRB started.  So Alex and I went to get dinner when I got home.

We’re both sitting in the computer room tonight and he asked when our doctor’s appointment was: This week or next. I told him next and he said “oh” with a definite ‘let down’ in his voice. Awww! He wants to see the baby!

By the way: little baby. Your daddy’s been talking to you on a daily basis. He mostly calls you Charlie, just to tease me. I keep telling him that you very well could be a little Madeline in there and he thinks it’s funny to be contrary. 😛 He also thinks that until we know what sex you’ll be, that we should call you Project Omega. Where the heck did that come from?? He just came up with it out of the blue. I’ll still be calling you “baby” because I think it’s cute. 🙂 I think your daddy will just keep calling you Charlie. So if you do turn out to be a Madeline and you have this weird feeling that you should be a Charlie (yes, that can be a girl’s name too!!) now you’ll know why. Your daddy decided to confuse you before you were even born. 😀

Now I must go. I need to get ready for bed and take my prenatals. I hope you’re cozy in there! You’ll have a new home to move to in less than a month. 🙂


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