Finally the weekend!

Yesterday was rough. I have had a really hard time sleeping this week, and since I’d worked an extra several hours this week, I decided to let myself go home early yesterday. That was GREAT!! Took a nap for a couple of hours in the afternoon and just took it easy.

Alex made me dinner last night, which was delicious! 🙂 Marinated flank steak and asparagus. Yummm! I’m really doing my best to eat as healthy as possible and not give in to cravings for sweets. Although I must say, I’ve had much fewer cravings for sweets lately. I’ve actually had a lot more cravings for salt, which is weird for me. 

And the thirst!! My goodness. I have been drinking so much water lately. I’m not normally one who can force myself to drink the 8 eight oz. glasses of water a day, but now I’ve been drinking that PLUS more.  And I’m still  thirsty almost constantly. I don’t even notice sometimes and realize I’ve gone through 4 sixteen oz bottles of water in one morning. :O  Baby is definitely getting hydrated!! haha

I’m really excited for my doctor’s appointment! Only 6 days from now. WOOHOO!! I’m thinking I may tell my boss after that appointment.  I really don’t want him to think I was lying to him or trying to keep secrets.  I’ve also been thinking about how to tell him. Should I tell him first or his wife (who does the HR) first? Should I tell them at the same time? Suggestions are welcome!  I just know I can’t go another 5 weeks, in good faith, to tell him.  But I am going to ask that they keep it quiet for now. I still don’t want the entire office knowing.

Last night I went to bed at 11pm and managed to sleep all the way until 9 am! A few little toss and turn moments were there this morning, mostly while Alex was getting ready for work, but I feel so refreshed!!

Today I plan on sorting through all my office stuff. I have been keeping a bunch of stuff from college that I thought I’d need, but it turns out I really don’t. Employers want to see work done in the ‘real world’, not from school. So I’m just going to focus on keeping a portfolio of work done at my current job and will be getting rid of most of the school stuff. Woohoo!! Less storage for me!

Little baby, your daddy has now finally started saying goodbye to little Charlie OR little Madeline when he leaves for work in the morning. So if you’re a little girl baby in there…your daddy is definitely coming around. 😀 I just want time to speed up until we get to find out!


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