Dear Baby:

You sure are giving me a run for my money. I swear, I think people don’t tell you everything you’ll go through as a pregnant woman because otherwise people would be too scared to do it!! LOL!

Yesterday there was no post because you were making mommy extremely tired. I fell asleep on the couch after work while dinner was cooking and after I woke up I was just SO groggy.

Yesterday morning I woke up and didn’t ‘feel’ pregnant anymore. *cry* I woke up at 3 am and didn’t feel nauseated or sore or any of the immediate signs I usually feel and got so worried I couldn’t fall asleep again. Usually my little pangs of worry I don’t even mention to your daddy, but I did yesterday. So what did he do? I leaned down to my tummy and said “Now listen up Charlie. You’re worrying your mommy, you shouldn’t do that anymore. Be a good little boy in there and don’t make your mommy worry. I love you. Charlie….Or Madeline.” LOL!!  I really hope you’re not confused in there if you are a Madeline. 😛

I also did some reading yesterday about the hospital we’ll be going to when it’s time for your birthday and it made me so emotional!! I can’t wait to meet you, and can’t believe it’s going to be another 7 months.  The hospital is focused on family centered child birth. Meaning that they have all sorts of classes to help us be better parents for you, to teach us how to learn to breastfeed with each other, etc. And I’ll get to keep you in the hospital room with me!! YAY! I don’t have to watch you leave to go sleep in another room. I’ll get to keep you right next to me the whole time. *big grins*

I did tell my boss’s wife about you today though. 🙂 She’s very excited!! She is going to review what sort of maternity benefits they will put into place, because you make me the first pregnant woman they’ve ever had working for them!! 😀 

Now, stay strong in there. We’re going in to see you in T-33 hours.  I have a feeling I’m going to be overwhelmed when I finally get to see you in there.


Your momma.


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