So it’s been a few days

There wasn’t a whole lot to update so I figured I’d wait until I had more to say. πŸ™‚

First: Symptoms. This weekend I was completely exhausted as is normal these days. But Monday and part of Tuesday I felt totally energized. And then Tuesday afternoon hit and I hit a wall – so tired. And it was the same today. I can only hope that the little spurt of energy earlier this week means that I’m starting to come out of the ‘exhausted’ phase. πŸ˜€

Thanks to the nausea/smells I almost threw up in the grocery store tonight when I went to pick up some food for dinner. Whoops! I think it’s safe to say that I definitely have a heightened sense of smell now. It was sensory overload in the grocery store tonight!! First the bakery. Eww. Then the housewares isle, which I thought would be somewhat safe to get to the back of the store…but I was wrong. Air fresheners. Gross. Then along the back of the store is the butcher’s area and YUCK. All the mixtures of different meat smells and marinated meats is what finally did it. I gagged and practically ran to the produce section, which was pretty safe. Whoever says it’s mind over matter when it comes to that stuff is so wrong! I was practically chanting in my mind “don’t smell it! don’t smell it!”

I even forgot to get some Dayquil for Alex, which he asked about when he got home. I would’ve gone back to get it for him, but I really think my grocery shopping should probably be limited. Somehow, throwing up in the middle of the store is my limit. I wonder why. LOL!

I’ve still got a bit of nausea here and there. It comes and goes though, which is good. Still pretty picky about what sounds good to eat. I’ve sort of given up and am just forcing myself to eat whatever…just to get food in me.Β  It stinks to eat when nothing sounds good though.

I’ve even developed that “empty pit” feeling that teenage boys must also possess.Β  For example: I just ate dinner. 2 large egg rolls, several spears of asparagus and rice with teriyaki sauce. Good, right? While I can’t eat anymore, I have this crazy empty pit in my stomach that feels like I’m starving. Weird.

Second: I’m officially into week 7 now. YAY!! 7 weeks and 2 days, precisely! πŸ™‚ Which means you can backtrack to my week 7 post about baby and see what’s actually happening. hehe!

Third: Alex is still doing well with it. He’s been so great about cooking and cleaning for me since I’ve been so exhausted. He makes dinner almost every night, which is such a relief since food is so unappealing to me right now.

Last night I managed to pass out before he got to bed, so he woke me up to talk to baby when he came to bed, which was so cute. I can’t even really remember what he said, but he had a whole conversation. lol!! I just remember thinking “wow, he sure has a lot to say!” hehehe!

Other than that…not much is new. πŸ™‚


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