Nearly a month later…

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve updated. I just haven’t had the energy to set up my laptop yet and haven’t spent a whole lot of time doing anything but going to work and laying on the couch trying to make the nausea go away. 😦

My streak of luck with no vomiting has officially ended – as of a couple of weeks ago. Occasionally it’s from a smell and then other times (like this Saturday) I just felt absolutely awful all day long and ended the day with getting sick. It is very frustrating to shove food down your throat because you know baby needs it, only to have it all come back up later.

I’ve also been getting some excruciating back pain. SO bad that I could barely walk on some days. Other days it’s just a twinge that shoots down my back/right leg.  I did call the doctor the 2nd time I could barely move and they recommended physical therapy. That was about 3 weeks ago and it hasn’t happened since, so I’m going to just wait it out.

We are at the new house now. YAY!! Our official closing date was March 10th and we spent the first night here in our house that night…on an air mattress. Let me tell ya! That is not the most comfortable thing to do when pregnant.

My parents have been most helpful with the move as well. They cleaned our entire apartment and helped me sort/pack up the remaining stuff. They’ve also helped out at the new house a lot. I just don’t have the energy to get through much without feeling exhausted and worn out.  Especially after work on the week days. So we got the kitchen/dining area all finished and completely organized this weekend. Dad put up a storage thingy in the garage so we don’t have to have all that crud in the house. YAY!!

Work is good. Less stressful than it had been for a while there thanks to certain changes that have been put into place. Hopefully things continue on that path. And hopefully this economy gets better so we all can stop worrying about what it could do to us.

Cats are good, loving the new house. Alex installed a cat door in the garage door, so they have their food and litter out there and seem to enjoy having the extra open/empty space to run around in. They go in and out all day long. 🙂  For night time there’s a switch I can set on the door so they can go out, but can’t come back in, so that’s DEFINITELY helped with our sleeping. I actually sleep all the way through the night now!

I’ve got to run off to work now, but I’ll update again tonight with all the things baby’s been doing to grow these last few weeks. I’m officially in week 11 now! And I have 1 more week until we get to go back and have another ultrasound and see baby again. YAY!


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