BIG update

Ok, so I had my 12 week check-up today! Complete with ultrasound and everything. 🙂

And the coolest part is that I didn’t have to get up on the table and have an exam done, which I thought I was going to have to do. Instead I got a really big comfy chair to sit in while the doctor talked to me.

First things first: Baby is healthy and growing normally! YAY!!

Now…for details:    All the tests/blood screening came back as good for cystic fibrosis, etc. Back of the neck looks good (it’s supposed to be thin, not thick) They’ve been taking blood each time to chart to make sure there isn’t a risk of chromosomal abonormalities, and I will find out the results of that later on. I have no diseases (lol) that could harm the baby. So yay! :yay: 

The baby is measuring perfectly for his/her due date and is 6cm long right now.  Heartbeat was 168 bpm and the ‘normal’ range is 120-180. They say (whoever ‘they’ is) that the higher the heart rate, the more likely it’s a girl. 🙂

We got to watch the baby for a long time because baby wouldn’t cooperate with the sonogram tech. :)) Kept moving the wrong way for her to get this one measurement that she needed, so she kept bouncing the little wand on my abdomen which made baby jump around. :) The baby even did a head stand at one point!! :lol: 

Alex wasn’t saying a whole lot, but had a big grin on his face. And we could see the baby’s heart beating, mouth moving (swallowing/breathing) and it’s little arm waving around. And then every so often we’ d see baby’s chest sort of convulse, which the sonogram tech said looked like hiccups. hehe! It was THE cutest thing.

And the ultrasound tech gave us 10 pictures of baby! I just picked my favorites to post.

We will be going back for another appointment at the 16 week mark for a quick check-up and more blood work (oye!) and then again at 20 weeks for ‘the’ ultrasound where we find out of it’s a boy or a girl–hopefully. Only 8 weeks to go until that happens!

I just can’t wait until this first trimester sickness goes away. While I’ve gotten more used to it, I still certainly don’t enjoy getting sick and find it weird that it came on later than usual. And I can’t WAIT until I can feel baby moving around in there.

And you all would be so proud of me. I went maternity clothes shopping this weekend because most of my clothes are just too dang tight/short already and they put the maternity section right next to the baby section. Smart planning? I think so!! I did oogle some things, but definitely didn’t buy anything. I know once I start, I won’t be able to stop myself so I’m holding out until 20 weeks.

There it is…my first update in  a whole week. I will get better about updating, I really will.


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