Update on me

So I’m sure you’re thinking “yeah yeah, that’s what the baby’s doing, but how are YOU feeling?” Wait, you weren’t? Hmm…well, I’m going to tell you anyway.

Life’s been busy/exhausting since the move.  I’m finally starting to feel as though I’m coming out of the first trimester funk that I was in for the last 8 weeks or so. LOL! I’m still exhausted, but that has more to do with interrupted sleep than it has to do with baby, I think. When I get enough sleep I’ve been feeling much more energetic! So now I just need to be able to go to sleep at night and stay asleep and I’ll be good to go. This delightful uterus growing/bladder space decreasing thing makes it tough to get through the night without having to wake up for a bathroom visit.

The nausea is far better than it had been, but I am still feeling very picky about food. Although, I have been able to branch out a little bit from where I was. Which is good! Especially considering that I was starting to get really sick of eating the same things over and over again day after day.  I haven’t had a bout with the toilet or my handy bucket that I’d been carting around with me in about a week, which is awesome! I was starting to hate that bucket.

As for appetite, I am ALWAYS hungry. Is that a consequence of 8 weeks of only being able to sort of snack sometimes? Or is it just what happens when you’re pregnant? In any case, I am definitely making up for it now.  The only frustrating is feeling like you’re starving to death and then only being able to eat 1/2 of what you normally would. It feels like the baby is taking over the space my stomach used to take. And then, what do you know? You’re hungry again 30 minutes to an hour later. So, 6 small meals a day is going to be what I’m going to have to do. I wondered why pregnant women and the books swore by that.

I’m definitely starting to be more noticibly pregnant. Weekend before this past one I went looking for maternity clothes, which I thought was going to be quite the fun adventure. Only to find out that a lot of stores have a dismal maternity selection. How disappointing. I did find a couple of cute tops for work and some long tank tops I can wear under things so my belly’s not hanging out like it is in most my other clothes. But this coming weekend I really have to make it a priority to find some better maternity-wear.

Work’s good. Less stressful but still keeping busy, if that makes sense. It’s definitely a heck of a lot easier to get through the work day lately, so hooray for that!! Feeling nauseated and running back and forth to the bathroom ‘just in case’ makes it super difficult to be productive and feel motivated.

This past weekend I felt an incredible spurt of energy and lucky for me, it was on landscaping day!! When we bought our house, we decided to not pay the builder to landscape the back yard. Why do that when you have parents who offered to help? 🙂 And also, our yard isn’t the boring generic yard that most people are probably going to have. So my parents and I spent the entire day digging, laying sod, laying river rock, planting plants, trees, etc.  Alex even came out to help (what a surprise!!) when he said originally that he didn’t want to landscape. But he had to leave for work at 3, so we finished up without him. 

I sure didn’t feel like I was over-doing it at the time…but whooaaaaa. Sunday I was just completely beat-up feeling. And Monday. And today. Luckily my wrist is feeling a bit better, but my back is still very cranky. And my hamstrings…rather sore. At least I got my exercise for the weekend, right? LOL But don’t worry, I wasn’t lifting anything heavy. Mostly I was on my knees digging with a trowel and planting plants. Or raking.

I’ve been reading Alex the “daily pregnancy countdown” book that his mom bought for us. 🙂 I think it’s fun for him to hear about not only what the baby’s doing, but also to realize the symptoms and feelings I’m going through. It has one page per day that explains something that’s going on from a few different viewpoints. Mom’s who’ve been there. A doctor. The author’s view. Pretty cool.

Alright, since this update’s already been long enough, I’m going to go ahead and end it here. Now that Alex is working swing, I’m sure you’ll hear more from me in the evenings.


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