Walking for baby

Our new neighborhood is great for going for walks! And since I wasn’t involved in any sort of rigorous exercise prior to pregnancy, it’s not recommended that I start now. So, walking it is. There are nature trails that take you from one part of the development to another and weave all throughout the ridge. So tonight Alex and I went for a walk when I got home from work. 🙂 The weather’s been warming up a bit, which is really pleasant.

Two weeks ago we went for a walk to the West. Paul came with us and we explored all over! It was a long walk, but fun.  I sure was exhausted afterwards. Normally we just go for walks back and forth to the store, but I really do enjoy going out for a bit longer and exploring the community.  Plus, it’s nice to have that time to just chit chat with Alex.

Tonight we went for a walk to the East and explored one of the other neighborhoods in this larger development. We even found another little park/playground! This is great. Should give us a little bit of variety for baby. The one we found has a teeter totter (ours does not) and a larger play structure.  It’s a bit further away, but I think it’ll be fun!

Alex and I were talking about how great this community is out here. It’s so quiet and relaxed feeling. Everywhere else that we’ve lived (with the exception of Pullman) has been so noisy with traffic flying by and too many people. Definitely one of the pitfalls of apartment communities. I’m just so glad we found this place. 🙂

Our walk brought us back to the T intersection where we can turn to go to the grocery store, so we stopped there for some things for dinner and then headed home.

I think baby liked the walk…I definitely felt something in there while we were out. Similar to the little thumps I’ve felt every so often up until now. Given that I’ve never felt anything like it before, I am pretty darn sure that it’s baby saying hello in there.


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