Week 16

So, it’s been a while since I’ve updated.

Not a ton has changed. I had another doctor’s appointment for my 16 week check-up on Monday. Alex wasn’t be able to go ( 😦 ) because he’s training at his new job during normal work hours and can’t get the time off yet. However, he WILL be able to be there for the 20 week check-up since he’ll have switched to graveyards then. YAY!

I saw the absolute CUTEST thing for baby. And I want one! I’ll probably wait until we find out the sex because you can get them in transparent pink or blue also…but isn’t this adorable??

Tummy Tubs!

Tummy Tubs!

It forces the baby to sit in a position like they do in the womb, which they find very comfortable and soothing. It also requires less water than a regular baby bath tub and can be used to hold baby bathing supplies when not in use. 🙂 Here’s the website for those of you who are curious about them: http://www.bathedwithlove.com/home/
I also went to the chiropractor today for the first time, ever. My back has been bugging me non-stop and more recently my hip got all locked up. So I finally gave in. We’ll see how well this works.
I can now feel baby move very distinctly! 🙂 And last Friday I even felt a very obvious push against my abdomen where it felt like it was getting stretched by a little arm or leg. So cute!! That hasn’t happened again since, but I feel baby bouncing around all over the place in there. Alex still can’t feel it from the outside, but hopefully he will soon.
I also took week 16 belly pictures now that it actually looks like a baby belly instead of just a “Look! Heather gained weight!” belly.  This was taken on Monday.Week 16

That’s about it for now. Don’t want to jinx myself again by saying that the nausea’s gone, but it certainly has been a bit of relief this week.  I’m really really hoping that it is gone for a little bit here. My appetite hasn’t really come back yet though. I’m still feeling those food aversions, unfortunately.  I can’t wait until I can eat whatever I want again! Gosh that’ll be nice.


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