19 week belly & other news

I’m a bit behind on posting this photo, but it’s from earlier in the week this week. I figured you all would probably be anxious for a belly update – for those of you who don’t see me as often. But not to worry, the baby is growing in there!! Compare it with week 16 seen here. It’s pretty incredible how much of a difference there is in only 3 weeks.

Week 19

As you read the other day, baby is now officially strong enough for Alex to feel baby kick! He doesn’t feel it every time, but I’m sure that will change as baby gets even bigger.

Baby is also strong enough for me to start to be able to tell the baby’s sleeping routine. I often feel baby bouncing around in there for a couple of hours in the morning around 8-ish to 10-ish. And then again at night between 9-ish and 11-ish.  Sometimes mid-day baby will get really active right after lunch also. 🙂

I am now officially out of my pre-maternity clothes, although I’ll have to wait for the new clothes to come before I can truly be ‘out’ of them. Shirts are all way too short and my work pants have now gotten really uncomfortable for me to wear, even fully unzipped and with a bella band. My abdomen has expanded to where the bottom of the zipper digs into it when I’m sitting. Sooo, last night I went on a mini-spree at oldnavy.com and purchased a couple of pairs of pants and 5 tops. My work wardrobe was getting very repetitive and boring with pretty much the same 5 outfits every week because very few of my pre-pregnancy tee-shirts and tops cover my belly at this point. I’m excited for them to come!

This afternoon I finally got my closet and the remainder of my clothes organized and unpacked. I couldn’t figure out why there were no more boxes/suitcases with clothes in them yet my wardrobe had dwindled significantly. But today, when organizing I found a large suitcase full of clothes that I thought had been unpacked already. Whoops! That should help a ton with the aforementioned problem of few clothes to wear. I now have some more knit cardigans I can wear and are stretchy enough to cover my belly.

And now that the closet is organized and fully unpacked, I can take the suitcases to the garage for storage and the closet floor can be used for baby stuff storage until Paul moves out.

It really is unfortunate that one gets more worn out more quickly when pregnant. I was on a roll earlier but then felt so tired I just need to sit. And still, here I sit. Perhaps I’ll get another burst of energy after dinner. Baby’s hungry!! 😀


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