And they say babies don’t save you any money…

I ran to the store to pick up some stuff and also get a couple things so I could make dinner and I made it all the way to the checkout and I started feeling really dizzy. So I took some deep breathes and just focused on not passing out and was ok for a couple seconds, but then it came back. Seeing black spots, feeling really hot, etc. So I leaned on the check writing thing and tried to just stay standing and all the sudden everything went black and then I have people on either side of me asking if I am ok, if I have a history of seizures (I was shaking really bad) and they escorted me to the little starbucks cafe seating to sit down cause I couldn’t really answer them at all.


Talk. About. Embarassing.

I called Alex (we live literally RIGHT behind the store) and the store called 911 to get me checked out and I couldn’t stop crying cause I was scared and totally embarassed. Ugh.

I’m fine and the baby’s fine. They think my blood sugar was just low since I hadn’t eaten in a little while.  I had a granola bar and some water while they checked me out and Alex drove me home, then he walked to the store to get my car and bring it back to the house.

And as we were leaving the store I asked if the order had been finished before I’d started passing out (I had run my debit card and everything, just didn’t know if I’d hit the last “ok” button) and they said not to worry about it, that the groceries were all on them. :shock: They didn’t need to do that! It was my stupid self who’d gone too long between meals. I hadn’t even realized it’d been so long, either.


Moral of the story: Don’t forget to eat when you’re pregnant. *blush* ’cause while we saved maybe $75 with the free groceries, I’m not sure the humiliation was worth it.



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3 responses to “And they say babies don’t save you any money…

  1. Joan


    So sorry to hear that you passed out. Happened to me with every pregnancy. Try eating more protein at regular intervals. That’s what my doc said to me. Keeps blood sugar more consistent than carbs.

    Good luck. It’s amazing what that little thing can do to our bodies 🙂


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  3. Jo

    oh no! well at least you got something besides a great public humiliation story out of it.

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