Baby’s 3rd round of pictures

I was going to update this last Thursday after we got back from the doctor but then I had to go to work and then I forgot the CD with pictures (yes, they gave us a CD with all the pictures! How fun is that?) AT work and blah blah blah. So here I am now that I’ve recovered from my moment of weakness.

Here’s the first picture we got. Baby was just hanging out in there..and right when the tech put the little thingy-ma-bob on my tummy, baby turned to look at us!

The first picture

So in this one you can see the face head on even better. 🙂 So cute!

Baby turned it's head even more!

You can see the little hand right by baby’s face in this shot!! Baby kept playing with it’s mouth. Not sucking it’s thumb, from what we could tell, just playing. 🙂

Cute little profile shot

And it’s an arm!!

An Arm!!

Here’s a great shot of baby’s spine. You could tell that baby was all squirmy in there…here baby turned away from the camera.


Two adorable little footsies!! It took the tech a little bit to get this shot. Baby kept kicking and squirming around. hehe!

Two little tootsies

And finally…THE shot we’d been waiting for! 😀 😀 😀 The actual ultrasound screen was clearer than the photo turned out, but SHE was definitely not shy at all. 🙂 We got a nice clear shot for plenty of time. In fact, the tech was taking measurements of her little legs and I was searching and searcing to see little boy parts and turned to Alex and said “I don’t see boy parts!!” At which point, the tech confirmed my suspicions. 🙂

It's a girl!!!!

So this little one will be a little baby Madeline…or Madeleine if Alex gets his way.  I get my little baby girl!! 😀

During the appointment, she was oriented head down, which relieved my fears from the week that the kicks had felt different. It’s cause they’d been higher up!! I do try really hard not to worry, but occasionally – and usually right before a doctor’s appointment – I get very anxious that something could be wrong.

Right after the appointment we went to Macy’s to buy our first pink thing. Alex and I each picked out an adorable little outfit that we liked. Since his outfit didn’t have little footies, Alex picked out these teeny tiny little pink socks. 😀 Then, on our way to the register I saw a onesie I couldn’t resist. It says “Mommy and I agree: Daddy’s charming” hehe! And of course Alex couldn’t say no to buying that, too. Ahhh, the shopping madness has started! LOL!

I think at this point we’ve been able to get a hold of everyone except for Aunt Kristine. Hopefully we’ll hear back from her soon.

I’m optimistic that we’ll be able to get to Babies R Us this weekend to get registered for the necessities like bottles and things like that. I’ve already been looking around online for baby bedding and strollers/carseats so I know what I want.  I do need to figure out what to do about the crib situation though.

Today baby Madeline has been very bouncy, which is fun. It’s especially fun to feel the kicks on my side. It’s a bizarre feeling, but oh-so-cool! A little less cool when she decides to jab into something in my sides which is a little painful. LOL! But still, good to know she’s moving around in there.

So there’s my ridiculously long update post about how Madeline’s doing! 🙂 It’s such a relief to finally know that she is actually a she.


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One response to “Baby’s 3rd round of pictures

  1. Grandma

    Grandma and grandpa say hi to Maddy!! We already love you, and will love you more and mkore every day. Kick your mom occassionally and tap out a morse code hello to your dad too!

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