Name Decisions

While we have had the name Madeline/Madeleine chosen since before we found out we were expecting, more recently we have been at a standstill about the spelling of her name.

Both of us refuse to do the trendy “Madelyn” or “Madelynn” because. Well. They’re made up versions of the name and we’re much more traditional with names than that.

I was voting for Madeline and Alex for Madeleine. I felt that my version would cause less misspellings and confusion. I thought she’d hate it if she always had to correct people with how to spell her name. Alex felt that his version was more traditional and proper and elegant. He also liked that it was different that what you normally see here in the US.


He wasn’t giving in. I wasn’t giving in either.

Until late this week when I heard from several people who have uniquely spelled names. They all told me that they LOVE their names because it distinguishes them from the pack. And after several people telling me that and the husband being SO adament about his spelling, I just wanted a decision made and have given in.

I also am totally against people calling her MadeLINE. It’ s pronounced “Ma-duh-lynn” in it’s proper pronunciation and I feel that the french version will probably cause fewer “MadeLINE” pronunciations.

And, if all else fails and she does end up hating it spelled that way, I can always say “hey, blame your dad! And your uncle Erik! And Brianne!” 😛 Ok, just kidding, I’ll probably only mention her dad.

So, there ya have it. Little baby Madeleine Olivia it is!



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2 responses to “Name Decisions

  1. Jo

    I LOVE the name guys! 🙂 That’s so great – and I love the blame Brianne part.

  2. Pauline

    If you spelled it Madelynn…she would have part of your name in hers… that might make her happy as she got older- a connection to her mom….

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