Shopping Confessions…

So after our ultrasound appointment on the 4th, the husband and I went to pick out our first “pink” things. I figured I’d share with you since I think they’re soo adorable! 🙂

His outfit:

Dad's outfit!

He also picked out adorable little teeny pink socks to go with it since the pants don’t have footies and I told him her feet would get cold. 🙂

My outfit(s):

Long Sleeve Version

Short Sleeve Version

And then just for good measure, I saw this as we were on our way to the cash register and couldn’t resist. Alex tried to resist when he heard me “ooooooh” but once he saw it, couldn’t resist either. 😀

Cutie Onesie!

And now, here’s for the real confession. There’s this great children’s consignment shop right near my office (yeah…lunch breaks are going to become dangerous, I think). So the other day I wandered over just to have a looksie and $25 later, I came away with all this!

The under shirt was totally separate and I saw it first (who can resist an adorable sequined daisy?? :D) Then I came across the sweat suit and it matched perfectly. I think this is Alex’s favorite outfit that I found that day.

Pink Sweat Suit

Next was a coordinated outfit from the Gap. The most expensive of the day at a whopping $7, but the cable knit cardigan is super warm and look at those cute little fringed pants!!

Gap Outfit

And when Alex asked why everything was pink, I showed him this:

Purple Long Sleeved Onesie

Close-up of butterfly

And this! Which was still brand new and only 1/2 the price of the original sales price.

Sheep Onesie

Close up of Sheep

These were together for only $1.99 for the both of ’em! And yes…it’s more pink. Because she’s a baby GIRL and that’s what little baby girls wear. 😛 The pink one says “Tiny Hugs” and the white one says “Butterfly Kisses”

Carters Onesies

So there ya have it. In total we’ve spent $50 on baby clothes thus far. And really, I think I’ve done quite well considering that the first three things were purchased at a retail store brand new. 🙂 But don’t doubt my discount shopping abilities! I’ll definitely be frequenting the consignment shop for the next few months in the hopes of getting Madeleine outfitted for her first year.



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2 responses to “Shopping Confessions…

  1. Grandma

    Oh my goodness, they are so cute!! I want to be able to hold her all the time!! Maddy might turn out even better dressed than our little girl was! Ha Ha!!

    You are smart to not spend a lot of money on the young small sizes,they outgrow them very quickly.

    • thetomlinfamily

      🙂 I’m sure you’ll get plenty of baby-holding time when you’re out to visit. But like I told you on the phone the other day, you’re not allowed to steal her back to Chicago!!

      Baby clothes are just so cute and tiny. It’s hard not to buy her the fun little outfits I see.

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