My bladder is not a trampoline!!

Well, here we are at 24 weeks. I can’t believe it’s already been a whole 4 weeks since we found out that Madeleine is a Madeleine. I’ve got an updated belly picture for you. Lighting wasn’t the best and ended up looking dingy for some reason, but there ya go.

24 weeks

I think I’ve officially started to waddle as it gets harder and harder to walk normally. She’s been sitting very low…or it feels that way anyway.  I can tell when she’s lower than other times, and lately she’s been RIGHT on my bladder for most of the day. In fact, her most favorite activity seems to be jumping up and down on my bladder like it’s a trampoline. Oh-so-fun! Although I suppose it’s probably hard for her to NOT put pressure on my bladder at this point, considering that my uterus is supposedly comprable in size to a soccer ball. (I know, pretty hard to fathom, right?) But that still doesn’t make it any more fun at work when I keep having to run back and forth to the bathroom. 

She should weigh more than a pound now, which I think took Alex by surprise the other day when I told him how big she was (roughly). I’m not sure where he thought this belly was coming from, if it wasn’t her getting fairly large in size in there, but it was pretty funny seeing the shock and then huge grin on his face.  Both of us are so anxious to meet her.

I have now signed up for my childbirth classes this week. We’ll be attending classes at Birth Zone rather than at the hospital. So I’ll have to sign up for a hospital tour separately.  I am hoping to avoid any medicinal interventions for as long as possible and hospital birthing classes don’t really do a very good job of teaching that. They tend to push epidurals as a common and acceptable approach more often than not.  Not that they’re not ok, I just want to see if I can do it without the epi. However, I have heard great things about Liz’s well rounded approach to birthing and am very excited!!


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