Does that mean you like him?


Your  daddy was just in, massaging my round ligaments (that’s a whole ‘nother story) and just before finishing tucking me in to bed for the night (yes, your parents tuck each other in to bed, since we don’t have the same sleep schedules) he decided to lay his head on my tummy and have a little chat with you.

At first I can only assume you were listening  intently, because there was no movement. However after a few minutes you gave him a great big whack to the side of  the head. LOL!! I actually saw my belly expand from the whack, it was so strong. Of course, I laughed and think this is absolutely hilarious. I choose to think it means you recognized his voice and wanted to say hi back. Your daddy seems to think it means you were telling him to go away. Poor daddy.

Whichever it was, you are definitely a strong little one in there. Perhaps your dad is right and you will want to get into martial arts. 😀 You also whacked me so hard at work today it made me jump. And it was right after I was talking about being ready to eat lunch. I guess you were hungry, too!!

Now, if tomorrow you could do me a HUGE favor, I’d be ever so grateful. Could you please, please PLEASE move off of whatever it is that  you’re on on the lower left side of my abdomen? And maybe, give my back a break, too? Your daddy and I went for a short walk to the grocery store tonight and I’ve been in pain ever since – hence the massaging of the round ligaments.  They feel soooo tight right now.

Thanks in advance for listening (and hopefully complying with my requests!)

Your mommy.


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