Yes, it’s been a week

I’m starting to get rather frustrated with always feeling lousy. Always tired. And it seems like there’s almost always a new symptom or two that makes me just want to crawl in to bed and sleep until October. The last couple of weeks have been dragging by SO slowly.

My most recent fun has included stomach pain with constant trips to the bathroom because of my tummy feeling so upset, but then nothing happening once I get there.

So, I called the nurse’s line yesterday afternoon and she recommended milk of magnesia or Colace. The hubby picked both up at the store for me and I thought I’d try the milk of magnesia first since the bottle said I’d have results sooner. Awesome!

Not awesome.

Word to the wise: Milk of Magnesia is GROSS. I had such a hard time getting it down. Had to chase it with water and just kept chugging water trying to get the nasty taste out of my mouth. It didn’t go away until later. See below.

After terrible nausea for several hours, I then found myself throwing up everything I’d eaten that evening. Greeaaaatt. But hey, at least the disgusting after-taste was gone, right? So not only was I sure that now it wouldn’t work, but I was also too nervous to take the Colace for fear that if the milk of magnesia DID work that I’d have some other issues to deal with.

Needless to say, I’m working from home for today, hoping against all hope that I can get things moving along in there.

I most certainly hope that what they say about pregnancy is true: that you forget how truly terrible it was once you give birth. I do not understand women who say they love it. Perhaps they don’t have the same issues with sleeping and tummy trouble that I’ve had, but man. About the only thing to love about pregnancy for me thus far is feeling her kick in there. And seeing her on ultrasounds.


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