UFC 100

One of our favorite sports to watch is UFC. At first I really didn’t think I would enjoy it at all, but after Alex brought put in a DVD of some of the greatest fights, I was hooked! I know a lot of women think it’s too violent, and yes, at times it is pretty gruesome how beat up the guys get. However, it’s also very interesting to look at the strength, conditioning and techniques of the different fighters.

Tonight we ordered the fight because a) There were two belts on the line and b) my favorite fighter was fighting!! Georges is currently the belt holder for the UFC welterweight division. He’s defended his title a couple of different times and has won every time, looking stronger and stronger each time.  And tonight, his belt was on the line again!

Ahhhh, Georges. As in, Georges St. Pierre. This guy:  Georges

Not only is he good looking, he is also a very classy fighter.  The tough-talk that they do before every fight usually consists of his opponent talking about how they’re going to ‘destroy’ him and ‘knock him out’ and plenty of other more vulgar things. Georges, on the other hand, talks about how hard he’s trained, advantages he has over the other fighter (for example: ‘I am a great fighter on the ground, I like taking people to the ground. (blank) doesn’t like going to the ground, so I think this is where I can beat him’) and how he trains to be technically the best fighter out there.

Technically – very impressive. He started out in Karate, but since getting into MMA he has become very good at almost all aspects of fighting. He can stand and throw punches and kicks. He is arguably one of the best wrestlers and take-down artists in the world. He can knock people out, but he can also win by submission.  And check out those muscles: Georges kick

I have loved watching Georges fight ever since I first saw him. He’s great! In fact, Alex and I joke that he’s my boyfriend. 🙂 Alex thinks it’s hilarious and appreciates that I am so into the whole UFC thing and love to watch the fights with him.

Now, for those of you who haven’t seen the fight from tonight, you should probably stop reading right here if you don’t want me to give it away for you. And now that you’ve had fair warning…I will continue.

They say that tonight’s fight to defend his belt would be the toughest of his career. But ya know, it really didn’t even look like it. Georges dominated from the first round all the way through the fifth round! He took him to the ground countless times, and kept him there with his strong wrestling skills! He was even was close to submission wins a couple of times. He dominated on his feet with his punches and kicks. I can’t even remember the name of the other guy, but he didn’t stand a chance. Georges was all over him.

Which leads me to my next question: Who will he fight next? He’s beat everyone in his weight class that stands any sort of chance against him. Will he do a re-match with one of them? Will he move up in weight class and fight one of the better fighters there? Who knows. But I do know that I’ll be right here, on my couch watching when it happens!


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