Spa Mama

Today I received a book called Spa Mama in the mail from a friend of mine.

What a great idea for a book! It’s full of ways to pamper yourself throughout the 3 trimesters of pregnancy – including little exercise tips, recipes to eat, recipes for facial masks and other various spa treatments.


1) Of the recipes that are included in the book, the smoothies and meals sound VERY good.

2) There are also a lot of good facial recipes and body masks/scrubs. These are typically things you think of when you think of spa treatments, so I liked that. And I love that you can make them at home with all-natural ingredients that you can get at any health food store.

3) The tips she gives to help ease discomfort are fun and a good way to get your partner involved, too! After all, how often are we asking them to please massage this or that and no matter what they do, we’re still somewhat uncomfortable?  I have yet to try these techniques, as I just received the book today, however I do plan to implement them and test them out over the next few months. My poor husband has no idea what he’s in for. hehe!

4) The recipes are all simple and quick to make. Not a ton of crazy ingredients, and most require simply mixing or blending or baking, or a mixture of the three. I love simple recipes.


1) I wish she offered more healthy recipes. The ones she has sound fabulous, but she includes so many recipes for facial masks and scrubs, some of which do the same thing (think acne control) I think replacing some of those with food recipes would be nice. After all, us mama’s-to-be are ALWAYS eating. At least it seems that way.

2) It’s a quick read. Which normally is not a bad thing, but I was left hoping for more! I loved everything she had in there, I just wish there was more of it. 🙂

So, from here on out with my pregnancy, I will be featuring a ‘Spa Saturdays’ post with recipes/recommendations from this book!! I’ll let you know which ones work, which ones don’t. What was heavenly and what wasn’t worth the effort. But I do see myself continuing some of these treatments beyond pregnancy. Most notably, the meal recipes and facial masks.


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