The heat…is…killing…me

It is hot.

No, that’s an understatement.

It is scorching.


For those folks from places like AZ and TX, you may read this and think I’m being ridiculous, but you have to remember that we don’t have AC in our homes here in Seattle. I was in heaven yesterday at work when I finally was in a cool environment. Today I stayed home, between the nausea and the lack of sleep and the cranky back, work just wasn’t happening.

We’re getting very close to, if not actually setting, record temps this week. On the radio the other day they said that the hottest temp ever recorded in Seattle was 100 degrees. Today it was 97 and said it felt like 103.  With humidity at 40%.  Geeez!

It’s the type of hot where you take a cold bath to cool down and less than an hour later you feel like you never even took a bath in the first place. You’re sticky all over again. I’m sweating even when sitting directly in front of a fan with a cold washcloth on your belly (yeah yeah, maybe a normal person would put it on their forehead. Mine feels best on my big ole’ belly).

I cannot get comfortable. I almost want to turn on the sprinkler and just sit in it. If there were a way to somehow cool down my bed, I would do it. I am sleeping terribly. Pushing all the blankets, pillows, etc away from me. Which of course ends up totally screwing up my back.

And here’s one way to know it’s hot. That lovely husband of mine turned off the desktop computers upstairs. Yes, you heard me right. The man who can’t get enough of the computer has turned off the only computers in the house that run his games. They were heating up the entire upstairs to the point where I just refused to be up there unless I was sleeping or taking a bath. I guess it finally got to be too much for him, too.

It’s supposed to get cooler on Thursday. PLEASE keep your fingers crossed that it does. This is a pregnant woman’s worst nightmare.


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