Closet Organization!

Last night I had an epiphony when deciding which house organization task to take to first.

One reason it’s taken me so long to get un-packed is because I didn’t know what to do with our stuff that normally goes in the 2nd bedroom closet. I just had nowhere to put it.  So, now that we have that room back, I have moved all the boxes of books that were in other closets into that bedroom for now. This left me free to use the closet for storage of our linens and misc. art supplies. 🙂

I forgot to take a ‘before’ picture, but imagine a closet stuffed with boxes and with a stack of towels/sheets piled up on the other side.

So this morning I got up and ready and headed over to Target to buy a shelving unit and some organization bins. Since it’s in a closet, I was thinking practicality over style, which is why it’s so utilitarian looking.

After taking a couple of breaks (one after assembling the shelving unit, another in the midst of going through boxes to get all the art supplies into the bins) this is the end result!!


It’ll be great to have the art stuff organized for Madeleine when she’s old enough to do art projects with me. Markers in one bin. Colored pencils/pencils in another. Scrapbooking supplies in another. All sorts of different types of paper in another. You get the idea. 😉

Alex hasn’t seen it yet. I’m hoping he’s as excited as I am.

Next project? Organizing all the baby clothes by age!! And getting our entry-way cleared of the boxes. That’s on next weekend’s agenda.



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2 responses to “Closet Organization!

  1. Mom

    Hummm, I wonder if your nesting instinct is setting in early…. xoxo j

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