Pregnancy Update

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. I’ve been such a lazy blogger lately.

First of all, the heat has subsided. A little bit. It’s still terribly hot for pregnant me. The high 80’s, low 90’s is still hot without AC, but we now have the computers back on and I can at least get a little bit of work done around the house.  I’ve managed to find a rather effective sleeping method, despite the heat. And at least it’s cooling down enough at night for me to no longer sweat like a pig. This is good, because I can now maintain my sleeping position with the pillows so my back doesn’t hurt as badly. It looks like we’ll be cooling down even more this coming week, thank goodness!

I’m now into my 3rd trimester. We only have about 2 1/2 months to go until little Madeleine is here!! That is very exciting. 🙂 But also nerve-wracking because we still have so much to do to get ready for her. Paul, aka: brother-in-law, moved all of his stuff out this weekend, so I can finally start getting her room organized.  Thus far I’ve moved all the stuff we’ve accumulated for her into the closet. 🙂 I have organizing to do in other parts of the house, too, so I started a closet project today and that will be the topic for another blog post. Stay tuned!

My mom will be coming out at the end of August, so we’re going to get a bunch more stuff done that weekend (that’s the weekend that the crib should be up here). We plan on painting the room and it’s also the weekend of the shower, so we will be able to figure out what I still need for her. I still need to figure out what dresser/changing table to get. Which means I need to get in touch with my friend who’s giving me her hand-me-down crib to find out what color/style it is. I’m also on the hunt for a good nursery rocker/glider. Maybe I’ll make some progress on that next weekend. 🙂

Tomorrow starts my 29th week. I have another doctor’s appointment tomorrow afternoon, which should just be a quick check-up. Hopefully there’s no blood-draw this time! LOL Unfortunately, Alex will be unable to attend this one. His work schedule is all chaotic right now as they re-arrange things for the new management positions and train people. It’s a good thing that all the ultrasound appointments are behind us. Although I do like having him there for the appointments.

My belly is continuing to grow. My clothes that were fitting in earlier pregnancy are now getting a bit short and my belly hangs out sometimes.  I need to find a couple more things to get me through the remainder of the pregnancy. I’m trying really hard to not go crazy shopping, either for clothes for me OR for baby stuff. So far I’ve done a pretty good job, I think. I am getting by with pre-pregnancy pants most days at work by utilizing the bella band, still. So I’ve only had to buy 3 pairs of maternity pants. It’s the shirts that are killin’ me.

Symptoms, let’s see. Well, the most frustrating one is that the nausea has returned. Along with upset-tummy symptoms. So. That’s awesome. I think this baby is really doing a good job of preparing me for motherhood. LOL!! It has not been an easy pregnancy.  The nausea and stomach problems are making it really hard to get through the work-day, because most days I just feel miserable.

I’ve been going for regular massages and to the chiropractor. This has REALLY helped my back pain. Now it seems that it only really bothers me if I wriggle free of my pillows at night or do too much lifting/standing during the day. MUCH improved!!

The exhaustion is not as bad as it’s been previously. Although I do still do a ton of sleeping on the weekends.  But at least I’m not getting so drowsy at work anymore.

Madeleine has been moving like crazy in there! She seems to be getting more cramped, because I don’t feel the giant whacks in there as much as I used to. Now it’s more pushing and rubbing and rolling. It feels so weird!! 😀 And I can sort of play with her now when she pushes against me. I push back on her a little and she’ll pop her little arm or leg back down and something somewhere else will push out against my tummy. LOL!! It’s a funny game. I’ve let Brianne play with her when she does it at work. And Alex has done it, too. hehe!

Her size does seem to be getting more uncomfortable though. She’ll push her head or her butt against one side really hard and oye!! I have to try to re-arrange her because it feels so strange. It is cool to be able to feel how she’s laying now though.

I think that’s it! Only 11 more weeks! Wowza! Where has time gone??


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