The registry is done-ish!

I’ve registered at Babies-R-Us for little Madeleine. You can find my registry by searcing for a registry and typing in my name and location. For those of you who know me, this should be simple enough. 🙂

I spent quite some time trying to figure out what to do about the stroller/carseat combo. It really comes down to lifestyle and I was getting different advice from everyone, it seems. So I went with my gut. I know we’ll probably end up wanting a less-bulky stroller for quick trips, but I also know that I will want to use the full-size stroller for certain outings so that both baby and mommy are comfortable.

If you are interested in purchasing diapers (I have been asked by a couple of people to post here which brands I will be using), we will be using a combination of cloth diapers and gDiapers. The gDiapers will be used strictly for when we’re away from home. Either out for a day-time excursion or a weekend trip to the grandparents’ house so we don’t have to lug around dirty diapers in the diaper bag. Ew! It helps that they come recommended from a couple of other parents I know. 🙂

The cloth diapers I like are Smartipants. I’ve already bought my first 6. 🙂 Girl's 3pack I am open to trying other brands, but what I like about these is that from all the reviews I’ve read, the quality is fantastic. They also are one size fits all, so I can use them until she begins potty training. And they’re also not as expensive as other, more well-established brands.

I will also be buying pre-folds, so I will need some diaper covers as well. Thirsties CoverThirsties come very highly recommended, but I’m open to other brands. Cloth diapering is really just a trial by fire experiment, after all.

Now, between the registry and the diaper suggestions, that should give ya’ll plenty of ideas if you’re looking for what I need. I’m doing my best to not get carried away with buying for baby Madeleine. I plan on going through all the clothes we have to date to determine how much of what sizes we still need. That’s my next task. 🙂


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