Belly & doctor update

Alright! It’s been way too many weeks since I’ve posted belly pictures, so I’ll update you on week 26 (three weeks ago, which I never posted) so you can compare to now. DSC03024_croppedDSC03025_Cropped











And here we are now, at 29 weeks.












There doesn’t appear to be that drastic of a difference, which makes sense. I can feel that she’s getting more squished in there, but I don’t feel all that much bigger. She looks to be carrying lower, though. That also makes sense, given where I feel her most of the time. I’ve also managed to not gain any weight in the last 5 weeks. My appetite as slowed down, and along with the nausea, I just don’t feel up to eating much.  So I think she’s sucking the fat off of other parts of my body. A couple of co-workers the other day mentioned that I’m carrying ‘more in front and less all the way around’.  That made me feel like I must’ve been a huge whale before, or something.

The doctor’s visit today was good. I’m carrying her mostly on my left side, she’s all snug in there!! We got to hear her heartbeat – which was good. And they measured my tummy and said it was good.

I did, however, get yelled at (ok, not REALLY yelled at, but a stern talking to) for not filling the iron supplement prescription for my anemia. But ya know, that letter came RIGHT as I was struggling with such terrible back-ups that the last thing I wanted to do was add more iron to my diet. Not to mention, the letter didn’t say just how severely anemic I really am, so I started taking my extra iron prenatals and thought that’d do the trick. Nope!! I guess I’ll go get one of the over-the-counter ones she recommended today that she said also has stuff in there to keep things moving along in the digestive tract.

I got all the hospital info and now will begin my hunt for a suitable pediatrician. I also need to get registered with the hospital so that when I go to deliver, they have all my info on file. And I’ll ask about a hospital tour then, also.

I got some good info about cord blood donation. We have decided not to bank our baby’s cord blood, but I would love to give that gift to someone who needs it. It’s free, so why the heck not?!

The doctor confirmed that we are all finished with ultrasounds. *pout* Unless there’s some sort of problem or concern, which of course I don’t want that to be the reason for an ultrasound.

Oh, and the doctor also gave me another anti-nausea medication that won’t make me sleepy, but hopefully it won’t give me headaches, either. I thought that before when it gave me a headache, that it was just by chance. But nope. Today, again. BAM. Headache.

So beween prenatals, iron supplements and anti-nausea medication, I should be a real pill-poppin’ pro by the time all is said and done. And for those of you who know how much I detest taking pills, that’s saying something!

So, now all of my doctor’s appointments are scheduled for the duration of the pregnancy, including one AFTER my due date. What!?! Noooo! We won’t be going that long, will we little Madeleine? That’s right baby girl, you’re getting evicted come October 19th. 🙂 I may give you a couple of extra days, but I want to meet you, ok?? Don’t make me wait in suspense forever. Pleeasseeee!



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2 responses to “Belly & doctor update

  1. Jo

    They offer birthing classes at the hospital that will include a tour of the labor and delivery wing on one of the days. Classes are about $100 if I recall and I found them to be useful. If not for me, for the husband. 😉 Slow FE worked great for me, I was low in iron too –

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