Belly Massage

Today I had another of my now regular massages with Jessica . 🙂 She has me lay on my side with lots of pillows supporting me and rubs my back/hips and upper legs. Prenatal-Massage Then I switch sides so she can rub the other side. AWESOME, I tell ya!

I asked her if she would have time to give me a belly rub at the end. I didn’t realize it’d be so fun for her when I asked, but I thought it’d be an interesting and new experience and wanted to try it.

Oh my gosh! How fun was that!?! Madeleine had to be prodded a little bit to wake up, but once she did she kicked and pushed and and rolled around in there. Jessica’s guess as to Madeleine’s position was the same as mine. She thinks that she’s on my left side, head up, with her feet and hands facing the center of my tummy. That correlates to her movements, definitely.

And she said that if you rub your belly softly, that baby tends to actually respond very well to that. Sooooo, guess what I’ve been doing since I got home? Yup, that’s right. Rubbing my belly in a circular fashion. And Jessica was right. She loves it!! hehehe!! Push Madeleine. Get strong in there so you’re ready to come out!


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