And, another wedding ring

Several months ago my swollen little fingers required a different wedding ring. My real set was so tight that it was getting nearly impossible to remove.

So Alex and I went to Claire’s one weekend and bought their $10.99 faux wedding set. It was/is ridiculously huge and gaudy, but a little part of me loved it and got used to the huge plastic diamonds.

After several months of wear, the luster was gone and so was the finish on the rings. All of the sudden, I started getting a horrible itch on my finger. I thought maybe I had a mosquito bite. But no, then I noticed that it wasn’t ONE bump, it was lots of little tiny ones, much like a rash. EEK! It’s slowly getting better since I stopped wearing the rings, but now I needed a replacement. Preferably something made of gold. White gold.

Let me introduce you to my inexpensive replacement ring!! wedding bandIt’s a very simple, basic band. And while it’s weird to not have any diamonds on my finger, it’s also kind of nice to go so simple.

So when I got home tonight, I put the ring into Alex’s hand and he did the little ceremony that’s now become standard where he puts it on my ring finger for me and says “With this ring, I thee wed.” 😀

I like this ring, because it can become a ring for my right hand when I’m no longer preggo. Wo0t!


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