New Stuff

Today as I was surfing through the blogging world, I came across a couple of new blogs and product websites that I found to be most interesting.

The first website was called The New Parent’s Guide. I found this site by googling for new baby checklists to make sure that I was on the right track with what I’d registered for vs. what I still needed to register for. By the way, it looks like I’m pretty much set. YAY!

And then as I was looking around their website, I noticed their blog! After clicking on it, I found some things that were pretty cool.

First, check out Simply Chickie for 100% organic cotton baby clothes! onesie_insideme_lrgThey have the cutest onesies, t-shirts and hats for babies/toddlers that I find to be so adorable. How can you possibly resist them?? They are a little bit on the pricey side, which is unfortunate. However, I think little Madeleine may be worth spending the money on one or two. 😀onsie_swimming_lrg

And after finding that blog, I saw a link to The Giveaway. What a good idea for a blog! I’ve added a button to my side-bar so you can find this blog whenever you want. She’s got all sorts of giveaways, deals, reviews, coupon codes, etc on her blog. And for those of us who like to save money, that rocks!  It’s also a huge help to have decent reviews when you’re looking for a new product. Especially with baby stuff. There is just SO much out there.


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