31 week pregnancy update!

Let’s start off with my week 31 belly picture. Excuse the weird outfit. I have been working around the house all night.


I had my doctor’s appointment yesterday afternoon. I’ve now moved to the two week appointments. Everything went well! I’ve gained a couple of pounds. Finally!! I did ask the doctor about my lack of weight gain in more recent weeks and she said she wasn’t concerned. I’ve gained enough overall and as long as I”m not starving myself (hahaha!! Me. Starve myself. That’s laughable!) she’s not worried. She said Madeleine will get what she needs.

I’m measuring right on track, which is fantastic! And Madeleine’s heartbeat is good, also.

We discussed my doctor’s views on what to do if I’m past due. Luckily, she’s not going to let me go forever (2 weeks) past due, although I also really really don’t want to be induced. So I’ve been having little pep talks with Madeleine to not get too cozy in there. She’s only got a couple of months left, so she’d better start packing! hehe!

I have been reacting very badly to lactose. Turns out that’s what was making me so nauseated and sick. So the tough part now is figuring out how to eat without milk/cheese. I LOVE a lot of things that require milk and cheese. There are just so many things that have it. Mexican food! Italian food! My baked potatoes! Cereal! Bagels with cream cheese! Lots of these things were staples in my diet. LOL So it’s been interesting trying to figure out a new diet this far into the game.

My doctor was concerned about me not getting enough calcium now. So she’s asked that I take a calcium supplement. But not at the same time as I take my prenatal. And not at the same time I take my Iron. Oh, and don’t forget – don’t take the Iron and the prenatal at the same time. LOL! Ooookay. This should be interesting.

The doctor also made a comment about now being the time where the baby flips to be head-down and because of that my hips are widening and my ligaments, muscles, etc are all stretching again. She said she wouldn’t be surprised if I started having some back pain now. I laughed. Hard. Some back pain? How about shooting/stabbing pains in my back that rotate from the right to left side and are there every time I get up? It’s hard to bend and lift myself back up. More spasms. So, at least it’s reassuring to know that my back suddenly getting worse is normal.  I was concerned that I’d been fine and then one day: BAM! It was terrible.

We had dinner with Alex’s dad and Joan and Trevor on Saturday. 🙂 It was nice to see them! I’ll have a separate post about that, coming soon. I have about 30 updates to make about various topics.

Madeleine’s just as active as ever. She’s currently trying to escape again with very fierce punches and kicks and bouncing. ha!! I’m glad she’s so active so I don’t have to worry about her in there. 🙂


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  1. mom

    I know this is off topic, but did I miss something in your baby registration? Where is the playpen, highchair, walker? SOme of us were just born blog/on line challenged… 🙂

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