B’s Birthday!!

Today is the 26th birthday of a good friend of mine, B!! 🙂

Since B loves all things crafty, and has a particular love for the color turquoise. AND since she just bought a house recently and loves to entertain, especially outdoors. It was suggested that citronella candles would be useful. Of course, I couldn’t just give her any old candles. So I decided to make a crafty project out of it, which I knew was right up her alley.


First step: Head to the craft store and purchase cute ribbons in coordinating colors. In this case, B’s favorites: Turquoise, green and yellow. I recommend going with a variety of patterns, ribbon shapes and widths.

I also picked up some ribbon sticky tape to adhere the ribbon to the candle containers. I wasn’t sure what I should use, so a helpful suggestion was given to me by one of the sales clerks. And it worked very well for sticking.

Of course you can pick any color or style ribbons that you want. I will note that the ribbons that were a thinner material had a little bit of an issue with trying to place the tape so it didn’t show at all. That’s something to consider if you want to make your own.


Second Step: I headed over to Fred Meyer and found these cute metal bucket citronella candles! The candles themselves are yellow, so it works well with the ribbon color scheme. Fred Meyer also had blue and red candles. And of course, I needed several for her to place throughout the yard to keep the bugs away no matter where she’s hanging out. 🙂

Third Step: Measure and cut the different fabrics to be the height of the candle bucket. I didn’t place the ribbon in any sort of particular pattern. In fact, I wanted it to be random. I figured it gave it more charm this way. I also didn’t cover all of the metal of the bucket, because I liked the silver and the way it worked with the colors. I also used the thicker ribbons one on each bucket and then mixed them for the third, so each is a little bit different. But the thinner ribbons remained the same througout for some consistency. 🙂

Fourth Step: Now, this one is the one that was a little bit trickier for me because I have never done this before, working with the sticky tape and ribbon, so it was a bit of a learning process. But I recommend placing the tape directly on the bucket where you want to place the ribbon and then adhering the ribbon to that. Rather than sticking it to the ribbon first and then trying to get it all on the bucket. In any case, this step is where you place the ribbon around the bucket in whatever pattern you want.


Fifth Step:  Stand back and admire your handy-work.

Sixth Step: Give your gift!! As only makes sense, I waited until tonight to post about it, because I didn’t want B to see her gift before her big day!  I gave these to B at work today and she seemed to really enjoy them! I’m so glad, because I was hoping they’d give her back yard a little flare. 🙂

So, B, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope you enjoyed the rest of your day. 😀



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