32 week update

32 week image courtesy of
32 week image courtesy of http://www.babycenter.com

Ok! Here we are in the 32nd week. 🙂 Truckin’ right along.

Little Madeleine is doing well in there. Seems comfy and cozy as ever. The kicks have turned into more rolling and pushing movement rather than sharp jabs as she begins to run out of room. And her little butt or feet (not sure which, as I’m not entirely sure how she’s laying in there) like to stretch out and push up in to my rib cage. That’s a little uncomfortable!
My back pain has subsided a little bit and was much better late last week and this weekend. Today it’s all upset again, but not quite as bad as it had been…so that’s good.
I’m convinced Madeleine is going through a growth spurt in the last week or two, as I’ve packed on about 5+ pounds after not gaining anything for 6+ weeks. Not to mention, the sheer exhaustion. No matter how much sleep I get, it seems I’m always falling asleep or feeing drowsy.
And the stretch marks are now WAY out of control. I’ve given up on hoping that they wouldn’t look terrible. **sigh** I’m so lucky that Alex is being very sweet about it, consoling me by telling me that they’re fine and will go away.
I managed to get Alex to agree to a yellow paint color for the nursery this weekend, so I am going to paint with my mom while she’s here this coming weekend. 🙂 YAY!! That will be fun!
Madeleine should be weighing between 3 1/2 and 4 lbs this week and somewhere between 16 and 18 inches in length. Wowza! No wonder I feel like I have a beach ball on my stomach! I can’t believe there’s only 8 weeks left though. It seems as though there’s still so much to do!
I’ve still got LOTS of shopping to do. Hehe! And my next major house project is organizing the garage. But I’ll need help with that one because I don’t know if my back can handle all that lifting and carrying.
In fact, I need help with a lot of things these days. Most recently discovered…socks. Putting on socks has become so difficult, that if Alex is there to help me, I always request it. Otherwise I just grunt and bear with the pain of my tummy getting smooshed for a few seconds. And last week I had to have him shove me out of bed. I somehow got into a position after turning off my alarm where I could not get myself to roll and was stuck. I felt like a turtle on my back! haha.  Lucky for me, he is finally getting used to all the pillows in the bed – even if he does  tend to adopt some as his own during the night.
All and all, things are good. I have another doctor’s appointment mid-week next week and will update again then. 🙂

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