Mom’s visit

Last Friday evening my mom flew in for a long weekend here in Seattle. We knew there were a few things we wanted to accomplish and I’m happy to say – we did!!

Saturday we both slept in a little bit after we’d been up late after a long, exhausting week. Then after breakfast, it was off to the nail salon for a little pampering pre-baby shower. 🙂  I haven’t been in for a pedicure in…years? I don’t even remember the last time I had one. But my little tootsies were so very happy afterwards. Little did I realize at the time, it was good preparation for the shopping marathon that my feet weren’t anticipating at the time.

Saturday afternoon was the baby shower. You can read about that here. After the shower, we headed home to retrieve Alex. My mom still hadn’t seen much of Alex since his work schedule is so whacky, so we went out for a late dinner before passing out for the night. And when I say passing out…I mean passing out. It was a fun, but very exhausting day.

Sunday was the beginning of the shopping extravaganza! I had purchased very little at this point for the baby. Sure, I had the dresser, some clothes and had finished the registry, but I had purchased very little as far as other baby necessities were concerned. My plan was to wait until after the shower to see what all I still needed and go from there. So, we did!

We started with a little bit of fall shopping for dressing the baby pre-birth. That’s code for maternity clothes shopping. I have been very frugal with maternity shopping because you only wear them for such a short period of time – it seems like such a waste. But I have very, very few sweaters which are fall weather appropriate and feel like I’ve been wearing the same 6 tops for the last several months. So it was fun to get some new things!go to your room

Then we were off to go furniture hunting.  We were on a mission to find a rocker or glider that would be nice and comfy for Madeleine’s nursery. It took a little bit of hunting, but eventually we ended up at Go To Your Room in Bellevue. Let me tell you, this store was awesome!! The customer service was amazing and not something you find many places these days. From the moment we walked in the door, we were well taken care of. That speaks volumes to me, as a consumer. If you live in the Seattle area, I highly recommend visiting this store for furniture and decor for your child’s room.

And the best part? glider

We found a glider that is perfect! We didn’t purchase the ottoman; instead we went with a nursing stool for the sake of a small space and not wanting to overwhelm it. We loved this glider because it’s a bit wider and taller than the others, so it will fit Alex well also. 🙂

I don’t know what it is about sitting in gliders, but dang! They sure make people emotional. I got all teary in the first one I sat in, just imagining our little girl being here and rocking her in it. 😀 I’m betting you can guess what happened when my mom sat in one after I did. hehe!

green fabricWe were able to choose from 120 fabric options and 20+ wood finishes.We ended up with a plushy green fabric that coordinates very well with the green in the bedding set that I’ve chosen. Can’t remember what the bedding set looks like? Check it out in this post. Then we went with a creamy-white wood finish to match the dresser I already purchased. 🙂 I figured this would also work well for our next baby since the green is gender neutral.

At this store we also found the wooden letters to spell out Madeleine’s name, as well as an adorable lamp for her room in a very fun raspberry color. Again, the color ties into the bedding pattern that I’ve selected.

After our spree at Go To Your Room, we were in need of nourishment and had a nice lunch at Whole Foods before we headed off to another very cute children’s store in Bellevue. Merry Go Round has a lot of fun products, including quite a number of organic and earth friendly products. wall-dot stickers

My main goal at this store was to find some wall decals since we’d decided against painting the nursery. I saw the idea on an HGTV show and thought it was perfect! And lucky for me, they exactly what I was looking for here! I purchased the WallCandy Dottilicious Nursery Stickers. I won’t be using the blue or brown stuckers, but the rest of the colors match the bedding perfectly. 😀

I also found a great gender-neutral diaper bag in bright green and grey. At least *I* thought it was gender-neutral. Evidently my husband didn’t. LOL!! He said it’s too girly, but I think he’s just being silly about it.  Mom found a very fun “first year” calendar for Madeleine to keep track of all of her firsts. That will be a great keepsake for her to look back on when she’s older.

Once we were done with our shopping at Merry Go Round, it was time to head home and get Alex to head out to dinner with our family friend’s, the Parkers. We had a lovely dinner on their deck before heading home to get some much needed rest in anticipation of even more shopping.

Monday after breakfast we headed out yet again. This time we started out at Target and bought some baby things like diaper wipes, receiving blankets, a cozy plush blanket with silky edges (a favorite of mine as a child!). Things like that. We also found a bottle starter kit designed specifically for breastfeeding moms, so we picked that up as well.

Then it was on to Babies R Us to finish off my registry with the things they had in-store that we could fit in my car. After I had to send my mom back, I got online and purchased the remainder of the necessities online to be shipped to me. So now the only major remaining baby thing that I need is the crib mattress, which I am still researching. There are a few little things…but those won’t be a big deal to snatch up real quick.

By the time we were done at Babies R Us, I was starving again, so we ate at PF Changs for lunch and went shoe shopping after that. 🙂 My feet are sooooo swollen (see upcoming post about that…) that I can’t really fit into most of my other shoes anymore. Aerosoles was having a pretty nice sale, so I found two new pairs of shoes that are comfy and accomodate my huge sausage feet.


Here’s all the loot! Well, not even all of it. There are some things missing…like the clothes for me, shoes for me, some blankets, diapers, the glider, diaper pail, etc.

Then it was time to head home again. Mom worked on de-jungling my garden that’d gotten out of control with weeds over the last couple of months. I just can’t bend like that for long these days. I’m getting too huge. LOL! It’s so nice to see it so nice back there now. 🙂 Once we got cleaned up, we went to get some food, tried to put together the dresser (with little success! lol! The directions are terrible and very confusing) and then spent a little time with Alex after he got home from work before going to bed.

Tuesday morning, it was time to take mom to the airport. 😦 3 days goes way too fast. But we sure had a great time!! Thanks for coming out to visit, mom. 😀


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