Swollen Feet

You always hear those stories about pregnant women and their feet/ankles swelling. Luckily for me – I had only minor swelling up until recently. Such swelling was typically the result of too much time on my feet that day, and since I work a desk job, this didn’t happen too often.

However, over the last 2-3 weeks, things have been crazy. First I was organizing the house like a crazy person. Then I was on my feet a fair bit at work because I needed to do some product library purging, which requires standing. With the recent 3 day shopping spree that my mom and I went on, I was on my feet a fair bit. And then last week after work I was running around to doctor’s appointments, massage appointments, birthing classes, and DRB. All this was followed up by some clothing shopping for the husband on Friday evening. Are you tired yet? Cause I was exhausted by the time it was bedtime on Friday.

Now, thankfully, I have had all weekend to put my feet up and relax and the swelling has FINALLY subsided almost entirely! YAY!


So, this is what my feet/ankles look like normally – sorta. Note that the right foot/ankle is smaller than the left. I’ve been experiencing far more swelling on the left side, which my doctor told me is normal when I asked at my appointment this week. You can see in this picture that the left foot is still just a little bit puffy. Somehow I don’t think that’ll be going away any time soon.


And here we go with the crazy looking swollen left foot. You can even see where my sandals were way too tight and causing sandal imprints on the top part of my foot. LOL!

Who ever said that being pregnant was glamorous? Yikes!


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