Some nasty virus has been going around Alex’s office.

I get so annoyed when people come to work so sick. Seriously. I know you feel obligated to come in, but you just end up getting everyone else sick and feeling miserable and then in turn get their pregnant wives sick. (yes, I’m talking about me!)

I’ve been out of commission since Thursday with a terrible headache (which actually started on Tuesday), cough, sore throat, dizziness, exhaustion, etc. Luckily, there was no fever – but I did have the hot sweats which made me keep thinking I did have a fever. My doctor wasn’t concerned so long as I didn’t develop a fever – but she did tell me I should take it easy and rest as much as possible.

Being pregnant, I had to force myself to stay home despite having a deadline at work.  Normally I would’ve gone in and gotten it done, but I have come to realize that my baby’s health and needs are more important and work can wait right now.  And since we have 2 people at the office with young babies at home, I didn’t want to get them sick and have them take this home to their babies.

So…another 2 days of PTO go down the drain thanks to inconsiderate employees at my husband’s office.  Especially with flu season coming up – could ya’ll just call in sick if you are truly sick? PLEASE?  The last thing I need to contract is the flu and end up hospitalized.


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