35 week update

35 weeks!

35 weeks!

Oh gosh! Can you even believe it? 35 weeks?? Already?

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done one of these.

I’ll start with symptoms. Let me start by saying that when you’ve determined that you have become lactose intolerant (thanks little baby for this delightful treat) it is not advisable that you forget and put Mayo on your burger. I did that last night and have been sick feeling all day today.  I even had to run out of a work meeting. Twice. Now my tummy just hurts, which is better than feeling like I’m actually going to be sick. But it’s still not fun. 😦 Who knew so little mayo would do such craziness to my digestive system?

Second; my back. After only a couple hours of cleaning yesterday my back is extremely angry with me. It wasn’t even hard cleaning. It was laundry, dishes, a little bit of dusting, some vacuuming. ?? It’s not like I was bending and lifting a ton. *sigh* So, now I’m dealing with the shooting pains and the general achiness in both my upper and lower back. It’s awesome.

Other than that, I’m not too miserable. Sleeping is still difficult, but are we surprised by that? HA! Not really. Still getting up a million times a night to use the bathroom. Still having a hard time getting out of bed.

We have now had all the grandparents over to see the new house! Alex’s mom was able to come up with her husband, Tim, yesterday afternoon. We had a nice time chatting and catching up. And woooooie! Did they bring a lot of things with them! Madeleine got even more cute clothes. Some were hand-me-downs from Tim’s grand-daughter. Some she’d found on her own and purchased for Madeleine. 🙂 2 huge bags worth of clothes, a lot of them in the larger sizes – which are the sizes we needed more of. So, thank you!!

We BBQ’d on the grill. Alex made burgers. I cut up pineapple which we grilled and we also had corn. MMMmmmMMM good!

Madeleine has been bouncing more than ever. I call it bouncing, but it’s more of a thumping with her little legs/feet or a pushing with her little butt. hehe! Alex always seems so shocked to see/feel that she’s mostly on my right side, but that’s her favorite place to hang out. She drops down really low at times and almost feels like she could just fall right out (wouldn’t it be nice if it were that easy?? LOL) and then at others she’ll push all the way up in my lungs and I feel like I can barely breathe. Maybe she’ll be a gymnast with all of the tumbling she seems to do in there. 😀

Here's Liz!

Here's Liz!

We’ve now had 2 birthing class sessions with Liz at Birth Zone. She’s great!  It’s making me a little bit nervous seeing videos of actual births, though. I just keep thinking “you mean, I have to do THAT???” But I have been learning fun facts. Like, did you know that humans, relative to the rest of the animal kingdom, birth their babies 3 months premature? Because otherwise there’s no way we’d be able to get them out. That’s why for the first 3 months they love being in circumstances that mimick the conditions in the womb. Humans are also the only animal to birth babies whose heads are larger than the…*ahem*…hole they need to come out of. Crazy, right?

I’m excited for Alex to have a couple of days off this weekend, while we’re NOT sick and in bed.  Hopefully we’ll get the dresser put together and I can start working on her room! 🙂 After all, we only have 5 weeks left. I need to start packing my hospital bag.

I had a mini-panic moment today at work. I was sitting in the city offices waiting for them to process the paperwork for a building permit and thought “oh my gosh. 5 weeks? I only have 5 weeks until I’ll be a mommy? And 5 weeks until we’ll have a little human being totally dependent on us? Agghh I don’t know what I’m doing!” LOL! And then I was reassured that instinct kicks in and you figure it out.  It’ll be come second nature. It was just a little overwhelming when it hit me all at once like that.

So, all is well in pregnancy-land. I’m relishing the last few weeks that I get to feel her wiggling around in there. Sometimes it’s uncomfortable, but it’s also SO very cool.


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