Week 35 Doctor’s Visit

Today I had my 35 week doctor’s appointment! My next one is week 37 and then I go to an appointment every week. 🙂 I’m in the final stretch!

Today’s appointment was rather eventful. I knew they’d want to give me the flu shot today since they discussed it with me at the last appointment. I got myself so worked up over that darn shot and I barely even felt it! Although, she saw how anxious I was and said she used a smaller needle. *blush* Despite my concerns about getting a vaccine, I know it will help baby Madeleine and after being so sick last week I REALLY don’t want to contract the flu and end up in the hospital.

We heard the heartbeat. She’s beating right along in there. 🙂 Doing great! My placenta size is normal as well. No concerns there, either.

And then it was time for my least favorite thing: the Pelvic Exam. They had to swab for strep b to make sure I don’t have it and pass it on to little Madeleine. Ok, fine.  My doctor figured that as long as she had me on the table, she may as well check my cervix. I’m about 40% effaced and a fingertip dilated. She said my cervix is nice and soft and that I’m well within the (very wide) range that is considered normal.

Get prepared, baby girl! Not too much longer!


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  1. Jo

    After you have a baby… you won’t care at all about pelvic exams. lol.

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