Hospital Tour

Evergreen HospitalTonight Alex and I went to Evergreen Hospital for our Family Maternity Center tour!! It’s only a 20 minute tour, so she just pretty much pointed out where to go for various things (the lactation consultant area, the post-partum check-up area, the gift shop…you get the idea).

Then we got to go see the actual Maternity Center. It’s shaped like an upper case E with a long spine and three wings. Their set-up at Evergreen is nice.  Each wing has a waiting room with a TV and chairs for family and friends to wait. The best part is that everything happens in the same room; labor, delivery AND recovery. Other hospitals have it set up so you labor and deliver in one room and then get transferred to a different room.  Who wants to move rooms right after giving birth? Not me!


The rooms are actually more like suites. They have the birthing bed (obviously) nice cherry wood cabinets to conceal equipment, a bed so that Alex can get some rest also. Not to mention, they have a private bathroom with a whirlpool tub, so I can use water therapy to help with main management. YAY! You can find more information here about the suites themselves.

Evergreen has no newborn nursery like a lot of Maternity Centers. Why? Because in order to promote baby/parent bonding, breast feeding and general  closeness for the new family, they won’t ever take your baby out of your room. 🙂 Unless, of course, there’s a medical reason for it. I am so glad about that. Don’t take my baby away! hehe

For those of you that are interested in coming to see us after she’s born – you can find directions at this link.



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2 responses to “Hospital Tour

  1. Jo

    I absolutely loved my time at Evergreen – the nursing staff was wonderful! Also when you’re in labor you are assigned one nurse for the entire shift. The only time you get a different one is during your nurse’s lunchs/breaks. I LOVED that part it was so wonderful to really have to only discuss things with one nurse because my first nurse was so great at handing off information at shift change. 🙂

    • thetomlinfamily

      I forgot to mention that! I am so happy about that, too. 😀 I have heard such good things about Evergreen. I’m glad to hear you loved it so much.

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