The tickets have been purchased!

My parents have officially scheduled their trip out here in only a little over a month! YAY!!

Madeleine, here is where my pep-talk with you comes in. You’re due on the 19th – exactly one month from today.  The average first time mom delivers 5 days after her due date.  So, here’s the deal: If you could at LEAST stick to that average, my parents – your grandparents – will get to spend their visit here with you!! 🙂 Otherwise, they’ll be stuck visiting a very pregnant, very uncomfortable and very impatient daughter (and son-in-law! He’s been talking about being ready for you to be here…well…for about 7 months now LOL!!). And I surely can’t promise to be a very happy pregnant woman at that point. I’m sure it’ll be a much more enjoyable trip for them if you’ve made your entrance by then, ok? 😀

I’m very excited for my parents to get to spend some time with baby Madeleine when she’s so teeny! With them living so far away, these visits are super important.

I cannot believe I’ll be a mommy in a month! What an overwhelming thought!


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  1. Your mom

    I think Jo has given you some great advice. If you are going to take a picture, might I recommend a baby picture of you and Alex? Always nice to be reminded why you are going thru labor…

    Dad had his flu shot today and I get mine tomorrow so we will be sure to not miss our trip to you guys. We love you… and bought something yesterday (dad’s idea) for Maddy that I think all of you will enjoy for years! Yes, you have to wait….we are bringing it with us. And I have found the little baby spoons you used so many years ago so they are coming too! Maddy will be using antiques! xoxo mom

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