And, we’re swollen again

I think I’ve finally reached the stage in pregnancy where retaining water and swollen feet/hands are just going to be state of existence until Madeleine is born.

I have made an effort to not spend much time on my feet both at work and at home to avoid the swollen feet that I had during my mom’s visit.  It’d been working pretty well, until this week. But now even my hands are swollen. The new wedding band I bought that I intentionally made sure was loose when I bought it, now fits snugly on my ring finger. Good thing I made sure it was a tad bit big! 


And now this week, we’re back to this. My feet are imprinted with the texture from my shoes, the swelling gets so bad. Nice, huh? Don’t you wish you had hot sausage feet like me? 😀




You don’t get to fully appreciate the extent of the sausage-ness unless you see them from the side. See the big bump that starts right after my toes? Yeah…that’s not normally there. At all. Ha!!


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