Meet Thomas:

Several months back when it was first starting to heat up for summer, Alex and I went to Home Depot to purchase some things for the house.

While we were there, I stopped in the garden department to get some plants to pot for the several garden pots my mom gave to me. Now, I don’t pride myself on being much of a gardener. In fact, in years past I have been teased for having a ‘black thumb’ because my mom’s numerous attempts to give me pre-planted pots always ended in dead plants. I digress…

I purchased several plants at Home Depot that day which are actually doing quite well! Some of them died due to the ridiculous heat wave we suffered through in late July, despite my watering them every night. I just couldn’t water them the 5 times a day that they needed in order to stay hydrated.

Anyway, one of the plants we purchased was Alex’s choice. He really isn’t much into the whole gardening thing and only had one request: A tomato plant. In fact, he was so excited about his tomato plant that he named him “Thomas”.


First I’d potted him in a small pot, but Alex was convinced the pot wasn’t right for him and would kill him. So then I re-potted him to a place in the garden with a little bit less direct sunlight. And one day, we noticed that he was growing a little Thomas spawn! We decided to name him Tom. 🙂

So we waited and waited and watched little Tom grow. And grow, he did!! Finally he started turning a little bit yellow, then orange and at that point Alex noticed. 😀 I would take him out into the yard periodically to show him Tom’s progress. And to convince him that despite his fear that I couldn’t keep Thomas alive, that he was actually doing well.


A couple of weeks ago, Tom was finally ripe to eat! So I brought him in to prepare for dinner! Isn’t he cute? 🙂 The first thing I’ve successfully grown for us to eat.

I’m pretty sure that this is the only tomato that Thomas is going to give us this year, but now I have a bit more confidence in my plant-growing abilities. I’ll try again next summer!


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  1. Your mom

    you make me so proud! XOXO

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