Week 36 Update

We’re officially bringing week 36 to a close. Madeleine should be close to 6 1/2 pounds in there now, which is crazy! I remember when I was comparing her size to fruit. 😀  I know I say this in almost every update – but I can’t believe I’m down to the last couple of weeks.

From amazingpregnancy.com, look at what she’s been doing this week!

Fat is deposited in the baby’s cheeks this week and the muscles that help your baby suck are helping to fill out their little faces.  Your baby’s bones are very strong, but the skull is going to stay soft, so that it can pass through the birth canal.

Baby’s immune system is continuing to develop and now they are receiving your antibodies.  Liver and kidneys are now fully developed and functional, allowing baby to process some of their own waste.  Meconium is accumulating rapidly now.  This first bowel movement is normally voided soon after birth, but some baby’s will void while they are still waiting to be born. 

Your baby is now a plump, round little person.  All the extra weight and fat accumulation over the last few weeks has filled out their little bodies.

Did you see that? She’s a plump, round little person now. 😀 She’s definitely getting stronger in there, too. Her punches hurt, especially when she gets me really low and it feels like she’s punching my organs. Or when she gets me far back on my side and is punching my ribs. Silly girl!!

So, what symptoms are going on this week? Ahh, the fun I’ve been having. Lemme tell ya. I’ve developed carpel tunnel, which happens when the water retention gets worse during pregnancy and pinches off the nerves in your wrists/forearms. At first I wasn’t sure what was happening, I was just getting intermittent numbness in my tips of my fingers. Weird. But now I can barely grip things and certainly can’t lift heavy things with my left hand. And my wrist hurts a lot of the time.  If I over-do it, I get shooting pains up my forearm, which is always fun. My right hand has it, too, but it isn’t quite as bad.

This week I had a little scare where I was having cramping. Similar to when it’s that time of the month. The weird part is that they were consistent, would go away for a couple of hours, would come back and go away. So I stayed home from work, but they weren’t developing a pattern and weren’t getting worse so I went to work again the next day. They have been continuing since then, so I called the doctor on Friday. They said it’s pretty normal at this stage and to not worry about it unless they become very painful, develop a pattern or my water breaks. Phew!! As uncomfortable as I am, I want her to stay in there at least until 38 weeks.

I’ve also reached the brink of comfort. I have so many days where I just CANNOT get comfortable no matter what I do, which is incredibly frustrating. I have been unable to sleep well because of back and hip pain. Getting through an 8 hour work day is nearly impossible. Even being at home at night is tough. Switching from the couch to the birth ball to my knees leaning over the birth ball to the bed with pillows. Back and forth.

I know I said I was going to pack the hospital bag last weekend, but after doing all the baby laundry and assembling the dresser, I was out of energy and time. So, that’ll be happening this weekend instead. We’re doing a birth simulation at birthing class this week, so I have a deadline to have it packed. LOL


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