Feeling funky

Starting yesterday I’ve been getting these really bizarre bouts of nausea and/or dizziness.  I’d been feeling funny, went to the Chiropractor and while I was there, nearly passed out. You know that thing that happens when your hearing goes REALLY faded right before you drop? Yeah. That happened. Except I was sitting and drank some water that he got for me, so my hearing just went all funky for a minute or two and I felt REALLY bizarre and then came back. Then I felt it again, not quite as badly as I was waiting for my lunch. Couldn’t really get lunch down I was feeling so sick to my stomach. And it’s been on and off since then. 😦

I’m still having the cramping, too. But now it’s accompanied by consistent lower back pain with the cramps. I hope this means that things are moving along in there.

Alex got super worried yesterday afternoon when he tried to call me and I didn’t pick up after 3 calls (my phone was still on vibrate) and he started calling the house line and I didn’t pick up right away. I had texted him earlier about how I was feeling all funny, so he thought I’d passed out on the stairs or something. Aww! He normally doesn’t worry like that.

I have a doctor’s appointment this afternoon, thank goodness! So I hope everything’s alright. But this is really not good – the nearly fainting and nausea.



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3 responses to “Feeling funky

  1. Jo

    hmm perhaps your BP is going all haywire at the end. Hope it gets sorted out soon, that is not how you want to spend the final days.

    By the way, I leave for California on the 9th of October. If your beautiful girl could arrive before then, that’d be SWELL! 😉

  2. thetomlinfamily

    Haha! Well, based on today’s doctor’s appointment, she doesn’t appear to be eager to venture out into the world. Boo! But depending on how long you’ll be gone, you may be back before she arrives. 😉

  3. Jo

    Oh no you do NOT want that. I don’t get back until November 7th. She better be here by then 🙂

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