Week 37 Doctor’s Appointment


They say you always know instinctively when something isn’t right. Guess I was right.

My doctor’s appointment today was scary. You never want to hear that something may be wrong, but that’s exactly what the doctor told me today.  I told the nurse about the nausea and dizziness. As well as the fact that the cramps have been continuing. As it turns out, my blood pressure was high, which made the doctor nervous. And I’m retaining water and have managed to gain 7 lbs in the last two weeks, when I’d only been gaining 2-3 before. She thought I might have Preeclampsia.

So first she checked my cervix. No significant change since last time. And Madeleine’s head is still rather high…she’s not even close to being ready to come out yet. 😦 

The doctor then explained her concerns to me and explained that she wanted to do a blood draw and an NST and wanted to re-check my blood pressure after I’d been relaxing for a while.  Madeleine was a good girl and woke up for the NST and the doctor was happy with her movement. She said the heartbeat looked ok. I’m having very mild contractions…so something’s happening in there.

Before the test was concluded, the doctor tried to tell me that I shouldn’t be working anymore. :/ But I can’t just STOP right now. I mean, I have loose ends to tie up.  So she said we’d evaluate my continuing to work once the test was done. At that point she said I can work for the next couple of days (until I go in for a follow-up on Thursday afternoon) but that I will need to stop working soon.

She also said she’d call me if anything bad comes back in the blood test; she was supposed to have results in an hour. Some less common forms of preeclampsia can cause liver or kidney issues, but I have not heard from her. I take that to mean it’s ok.

So, keep your fingers crossed that everything is ok in there. Like I said before, today was scary. 😦 And Alex couldn’t come with because he had to be at work, so of course I started crying because I was scared. I’m so glad he can be there on Thursday.



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2 responses to “Week 37 Doctor’s Appointment

  1. Jo

    I’m sorry! 😦 I hope everything is ok and that it’s just the scary unknown.

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