Doctor Follow-up

Yesterday afternoon I went back to the doctor. However, after my appointment on Tuesday, I told work that Thursday (yesterday) would be my last day. You should have seen the look in the Dr’s eyes. Completely freaked me out.

So I spent Wednesday/Thursday finishing things up at the office, contacting clients and getting all my loose ends tied up. This was one of those times that I was grateful that I don’t have a ton of projects going on right now because I was able to get everything tied up and resolved in the 1-1/2 days I had.  And I’m so grateful that my boss and co-workers are so understanding.  Pedro even asked me on Wednesday what I was doing at work. LOL!

Then, yesterday afternoon I went back to see my doctor. This time Alex was with me, which made me so much less nervous. And this time everything looked much better! My blood pressure was normal, they took it a couple of different times just to make sure.  My doctor even said that I looked better. She said the last time I was in I just didn’t physically look good. That didn’t surprise me at all. I was having a terrible bout of nausea and dizziness while I was in last time.

In fact, she was so reassured after getting my blood work back and not seeing any issues there, and with my blood pressure down again – she said she was MUCH less nervous than she had been on Tuesday.  I am still retaining a boatload of water, but my weight hadn’t gone up at all again, which is a good sign. However she also said that she still wants me to take it easy…that this late in pregnancy preeclampsia can just get worse and is more likely to develop and she doesn’t want me over-doing it. So it’s good that I am taking leave from work early. Madeleine is moving around just great in there, though. Active as ever!

On Wednesday, I went to my massage appointment and Jessica wouldn’t do any work on me. She was concernedd about massage, given that it puts additional stress on your liver and kidneys which are what are affected by preeclampsia. But my doctor said yesterday that she is ok with me getting a massage since things are looking ok. YAY!

My carpel tunnel is getting worse and worse. This post has taken me nearly an hour so far because I keep having to take a break, and my hands are tingly and numb pretty much all the time now. I’ll be very happy when the baby is born and the swelling/water retention goes down again. This is not comfortable at all.

Speaking of swelling, even when I sit most the day and only get up minimally, my feet are swelling horrendously. To the point that when I walk the skin creases in such a way that it is uncomfortable and feels really bizarre. I have creases on the front of my ankles where there should be no creases. Hotness.

So, there we go. A lot less reason to be super concerned…but I will be taking it easy for the remaining 2 weeks. And then, little Madeleine, it’s time for you to come out!!


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