Baby clothes…Overload!

I have slowly been washing/organizing all of the baby clothes and blankets that we have purchased and been given as gifts. And MY GOODNESS! This little girl has more clothes than I do. And I’m referring to them in terms of mass, not number of articles. LOL! Now, consider that she is SO much smaller, and that’s pretty impressive.

I have only washed through the 6 month mark and I’ve already washed 5 full loads of clothes and blankets. I’d guess that she has somewhere near 20-25 blankets, including 10-15 receiving blankets. She’s going to be one warm baby!

The 6-12 month clothes are all stored in one large rubbermaid bin and then the 12+ month clothes are in a 2nd rubbermaid bin.  We sure won’t have to buy clothes for a while. 😀

I’m slowly but surely getting Madeleine’s room all organized. Her window valance is up. I just need to find some curtains/window coverings now. I’ll use the khaki ones we had in there for now, temporarily. Then I just need to get the bed disassembled so I can move the pack’n’play into place and get her name letters up. We’ll be all ready at that point for the glider to arrive! And I’m on the hunt for a little bookshelf for her so I can put her book collection out. 🙂

Of course, all of this is happening very slowly, as I can only do about 1/2 an hour at a time before my back starts to feel like it’s going to snap in half.  I am being very careful to not over-do it given my most recent health scare. And luckily for me, my body is very good about telling me when it’s done.

Don’t worry. I’ll post pictures when it’s all done. 🙂


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