Week 38 Doctor’s Visit

Today was a busy day between a massage appointment (yay!) and my weekly check-up at the doctor.

Jessica wouldn’t work on me last week with the whole health scare, which I appreciate. Massage can add extra stress to your liver and kidneys, which was her main concern. So, after my more successful appointment last Thursday, I was very excited that I’d get my massage today!  She decided to focus on my upper back and the carpel tunnel.  Having her massage my arms and hands was heaven.

Then this afternoon it was off to the doctor’s office.  Everything looks good. No weight gain since Thursday.  Blood pressure is still good. Baby’s heartbeat is good. The Dr. is happy and said that at this point, we’re just waiting to go into labor. YAY! That’s right. Go into labor. WOW!

I asked this time (since I remembered) to ask about the anemia. She said it’s about the same as it was early on, but that that’s good because most people LOSE iron as pregnancy goes on, so it’s good that I haven’t lost any. *shrug* Ok, I guess. She wasn’t concerned, but wants me to keep taking my supplements.

Not much of an update, other than to say that everything is still good. I guess not working agrees with baby. 🙂


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  1. Your mom

    Not working agrees with me too. You can build up your strength for delivery… and then the midnight feedings! xoxo

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