A few interesting facts

Tonight was our last class in a series of 6 birthing classes taught by Liz Chalmers. First of all – the series was great! I learned a ton and feel a lot more confident about this whole process. And I love the way she presented things in a very factual way, explaining both the pros and cons to all the different medical interventions. She wasn’t too biased one way or the other, in my opinion.

So, tonight was interesting. We covered breastfeeding and also post partum mood disorders.

Interesting fact #1:

If you’re a breastfeeding mother, you are less likely to get breast cancer. Also, if you are a mother who breastfed your daughter, SHE is less likely to get breast cancer. Cool, right?

Interesting fact #2:

After you give birth, in the weeks to come, your baby’s face makes an imprint on your brain that is so strong that you now associate your baby’s face as the perfect facial proportions. Which means you may find your spouse less attractive (temporarily!) and your view of who is attractive in the world changes as well.  This happens with each baby, as well. So you’ll think your second baby is more beautiful than you remember your first baby being, etc.

Interesting fact #3:

If uninterrupted (ie: the baby’s not taken away to be washed, etc) and the labor was un-medicated – babies will crawl their way up the mom’s abdomen and find the breast, latch on, and feed all based on instinct. We saw a video of this…it was so cute.

Interesting fact #4:

Babies who are breastfed have a higher IQ. Originally the studies weren’t clear, but more recently a better, more conclusive study came out (I am not patient enough to type out all the details here right now, ask me if you want me to explain) and it put the issue to bed. Something about breast milk – they believe it’s the Omega 3 fatty acids – actually makes children smarter.

Now, if all these little factoids seem biased towards breastfeeding – well – they are.  In my opinion, there is no good reason to notbreastfeed as a choice right out of the gate. After reading all of the pros for breastfeeding, it only makes logical sense to me. Obviously some women struggle with it to the point that their babies are losing weight and they switch to formula to take care of their baby.  I’m not here to condemn anyone for their choices, but for me, it is the clear and obvious choice to breastfeed.


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  1. Karli (soon to be grandma)

    Yeah hoo! I breastfed all my babies till they were around 8 mos. old, so naturally I am biased in favor of breastfeeding. I only stopped at8 months because every one of the kids bit me! Ouch! Breast fed babies also are less likely to have allergies…although this did not work very well preventing a couple of the kids from having hay fever. But hey, they are all SMART!

    And Heather, BF babies get Mommy’s tummy in shape way quicker because of the gentle cramping BFing induces. Did they tell you about that?

    BTW, I would like to be referred to as Gramma or Grammie, but NOT Nana, NOT Granny, and NOT mima. Let me know your preference…

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