Babies, babies and more babies!

Baby EnderWelcome baby Ender! Born September 30th to Helen and Scott. This was the first couple (and coincidentally – they also are friends with Jo and her husband. We first met them at Aiden’s first birthday party!) from our birthing class to have their baby. 🙂 And isn’t he just a doll?

Another couple was in labor yesterday, and they were just one week ahead of us, as far as due dates are concerned. We are very optimistic that perhaps by next Wednesday little Madeleine will be ready to make her appearance. 🙂 We have not heard yet from the couple that was in labor yesterday about there being an actual birth, but I just love all these babies and births that are happening! YAY!

In fact, to help things along in there, Alex has promised that we can go for a walk or two today and tomorrow to see if perhaps that’ll help Madeleine drop and get ready. Maybe I’ve just been sitting/laying too much. I don’t want her to be too comfy in there!!



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3 responses to “Babies, babies and more babies!

  1. Jo

    Here’s hopin’ that your little girl is the next on the exit list! 🙂 Can’t wait to see her and I’m sad I have to wait until November to meet her!

    • thetomlinfamily

      Sure thing! I edited your response to remove that extra info, too. 🙂

      We’re hoping she’s next on the list, too! So far, she hasn’t dropped at all, though.

  2. Jo

    🙂 Thanks for the edit!

    Editing comments that is great!

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