Pumpkin Decorating

As I was browsing through MSN today, I came across this link for fun pumpkin decorating ideas!

Some of my favorites?

curlicue pumpkin

A fun graphic pattern is always interesting and unique!

glowing gourds

I love this if you have a large area to display holiday decorations. You can also do it on a much smaller scale, though. BLINGY PUMPKINS!!

Pumpkin Votiv

Are you throwing a Halloween party? If so, these would be adorable for table decor.

Thorny Vines

Inspiration for the pumpkin carving was taken from the china pattern. Very cool! Again – an awesome idea if you’re throwing a party. I also love the contrast of this pumpkin’s skin color with the orange flesh color.

And my favorite that I will DEFINITELY be using at my house?

blackandwhite pumpkins

I just love the graphic nature of them!

Check out the link I posted above for directions for any of these ideas and for more ideas for decorating at your own house. 🙂


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  1. Your mom

    You really have time to do all this? Can you do one for me and send it? Love ya, j

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